Description of the jaw blade


Growing stocks with high yielding animals not only provide greater demands on accounting and property management, but also involve increasing physical demands on the hoof trimmer .


Proper hoof care required here with a good knowledge after tools that can be achieved efficiently and with little effort the desired results. The combination of multi-function device - jaw blade this is a good alternative to the conventional angle grinder and traditional claw knife.


Advantages over other tools mainly result from the strong field of view , the light weight and good maneuverability and the reduced effort for the wear of the claw horn.


High quality alloy steel blades and the oscillation also enable precise tailoring and proper grooving of soft , firm but also very dirty mouth .


The jaw blade is suitable for both left- and right-handed and can be done with one hand or both hands , depending on your preference .


When working with one hand , the contact with the claw can be maintained and minimize the risk of injury to humans and animals .


The multifunction device offered by us is a recommendation , which is derived based on our experience in the course of product development.

Depending on your personal preference , however, multifunction devices from other manufacturers can be combined with the jaw blade .


To insert or change the blade , the use of a ring , Allen wrench or nut is recommended . Regardless of the multi-function device used in this case the screw should be tightened against the edge.


From our experience in everyday use , we recommend Einhell MultiMAXX .

Depending on use, we recommend 2-3 batteries.



The jaw blade offered by us is only suitable for use with oscillation devices.